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Key Person

Each child is allocated a key person who liaises with parents establishing a personalised approach tailored specifically to their child’s needs. The key person uses a holistic approach to monitor and plan for each child’s developmental and learning needs and to maintain records of progress in partnership with parents.

Partnership with Parents

Parents/carers have a unique insight into their child and we encourage this to be shared with the setting. This enables staff to reflect the child’s wider experiences, individual needs and interests from their home within the setting. We aim to promote effective partnerships through our open door policy and family activities throughout the year. Events this year have included stop and play sessions, Coffee morning and cake sale, Christmas concert, Farm trip and Graduation ceremony.

Learning Journey

Every child has their own Learning Journey which tracks the child’s unique pathway of learning incorporating information from the setting and their home. Each Learning Journey uses observations, photos, pictures and samples of work to effectively document children’s progress and achievements. This information is used as the basis for planning their next steps of development.