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UCAS Contextual Information

Wigston College was closed for the national lockdown on the 23rd of March 2020.  It reopened for Year 12 (current Year 13) on 22nd June 2020 but because of the further local lockdown in Leicester and its adjoining borough of Oadby and Wigston, it was instructed to close again on Thursday 2nd July, after only 8 days of being open to students.

College staff attempted to deliver lessons remotely but this was hampered by the high levels of poor student connectivity.  Laptops were bought and distributed for those most in need but many were unable to connect them to the internet. For similar reasons, students were not all able to access workshops and presentations from universities which had been agreed to replace the UCAS presentations due to be held in the college. Many students struggled to cope with the lack of structure and routine; online support was sporadic which left many students feeling confused. Subsequently, the College is now behind in its usual schedule for internal assessment and has had to cancel PPEs and two internal assessment windows.

Both Leicester (where 40% of our cohort lives) and Wigston were subject to local lockdowns which are still in place 14 weeks on (14/10/20).  Wigston is an area of extremely high deprivation where a quarter of the population lives in the 30% most nationally deprived circumstances.  Wigston has the fourth largest gap in male life expectancy nationally.