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Spanish at Wigston College

What is the course all about?
Welcome to Spanish at Wigston College. Here we use the AQA course. We are really pleased that you have chosen to come and study with us and we look forward to meeting you. This presentation will explain a little bit about the course and give you an overview of what we will study, the exam requirements and our expectations.

Why Spanish?
If you speak Spanish, you will be able to communicate with people from at least 22 different countries in which Spanish is the official language.
If you have an interest in Spanish and the culture of the Hispanic world, then this is the course for you

What will I be studying?
Just like at GCSE Spanish our activities will be based on the four essential skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We will, of course, cover Spanish grammar in great detail!
The course is based on the society, history and culture of the Hispanic world. We also study a film and a novel in Spanish.
We use a wide range of resources and activities in the classroom. We subscribe to the Dynamic Learning package and make use of its interactive resources and activities to cover the content of the course. We supplement this with a variety authentic reading and listening materials.

Y12 Scheme of Work:

A) Aspects of Hispanic society
1. Los valores tradicionales y modernos
2. El ciberespacio
3. La igualdad de los sexos
B) Artistic culture in the Hispanic world
4. La influencia de los ídolos
5. La identidad regional en España
6. El patrimonio cultural
Y13 Scheme of Work
A) Multiculturalism in Hispanic society
La inmigración
2. El racismo
3. La convivencia
B) Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world
4. Jóvenes de hoy, ciudadanos del mañana
5. Monarquías y dictaduras
6. Movimientos populares