Interested in Medicine?

Are you finding it difficult to find relevant medical work experience?

Students are finding it evermore difficult to find relevant medical work experience due to restrictions on placements at surgeries and health centres. Thus many are applying for university without a true understanding of medical school and life thereafter as a doctor.

Medicine is not only a career choice but a lifestyle choice and it is essential students have more exposure to doctors and their careers before making this decision.

Consequently, we have made a short documentary covering the life of 4 doctors at various stages of their medical career. This documentary aims to highlight how roles and responsibilities differ as a doctor progresses.

This documentary is completely free, you just need to click on the link below (leads to YouTube, it is 30 minutes long) where you can watch all 4 interviews.

Watch Documentary Here

This documentary is the first installment of a 3-part series. Email if you would like to watch the 2nd and 3rd installment.