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Post 16 Level 3 BTEC Applied Science

Course details

BTEC Level 3 Applied Science is part of a new suite of BTEC  specifications that have been  developed to carry forward and enhance the vocational emphasis from the BTEC Level 2 courses.

The course has been designed in conjunction with the BTEC First Applied Science qualification. The content of the course represents how all three major science disciplines are employed in real situations and students will be required to apply their knowledge to a range of different organisations that use science.

BTEC Level 3 Cert. Unit Content

Unit 1:  Fundamentals of Science (10 credits)

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to develop the practical techniques necessary to follow a career as a laboratory technician. Learners will investigate the quantities necessary in chemical reactions, the structure and  functions of cells, the calorific value of different fuels and develop skills in communicating scientific information.

Unit 2:  Working in the Science Industry (10 credits)

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain the knowledge and skills that an employee in the science industry needs to be an effective, efficient and safe member of a team.

Learners will know communication practices, how laboratories are designed, how information is stored in laboratory information management (LIMS) and how to work safely in a scientific workplace.

Unit 4:  Scientific Practical Skills (10 credits)

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to use a range of practical techniques used in science such as the analysis of substances, the separation of substances and the use of instruments/sensors.

The variety of techniques in the content allows the unit to be tailored to reflect the focus of different areas of study, e.g. forensic science, biology, chemistry, physics, electronics and environmental science.


BTEC Level 3 is a very demanding course. Students will need to be fully committed to the course as all of the    assessments are achieved through coursework; there is no exam as part
of this course.

To be successful students will need to carry out extensive background reading and research into the areas covered in lessons.

Is this course for me?

Students should have at a pass in BTEC First Applied Science Level 2 (Certificate or above), or GCSE grades ‘CC’ in Core and Additional Science and at least a ‘C’ grade in Mathematics before starting the course.

Applied Science is a demanding course and students without these grades will find the work very challenging.  However, if a student is committed to achieve we do accept students on science contract without a C in Mathematics.

What could I go on to do  after the course?

Applied Science is a subject that is applicable in a wide variety of careers that directly use science. After completing the course, students can pursue careers in areas such as hospital laboratory work, food science, scientific research and health-related professions.

In addition, the skills developed open the doors to a wide variety of careers in the world of business and finance where science is important,  although not immediately visible.

The one-year course is a nationally recognised qualification equivalent to one A-E grade at AS-level and is suitable for anyone who is planning to enter work   directly or wishes to proceed on to the Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science and/or higher education. It is especially suitable for students who need to have a Level 3 qualification to progress to a science-based university programme, or for those students who successfully took Applied Science at GCSE or BTEC Level 2.