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AS/A2 Physics

Course details

OCR Physics ‘A’ students follow the course which provides an excellent structure for learning about fundamental physical concepts and about physics in everyday and technological settings.

This course allows students to investigate the usefulness of Physics and illustrates the impact that discoveries in Physics have had on the way people live.

A primary aim of the course is to enable students to approach and investigate a question practically, practising the skills required for employment in industry. An analytical approach to problem solving is encouraged with regular opportunities to set the theory in practical setting.

Students wishing to study OCR Physics ‘A’ at AS level will be required to achieve at least a BB in Science Core and Additional GCSE or at least a B in Physics GCSE.

AS Assessment H156

Breadth of Physics 50% of AS level
Depth of Physics 50%
Practical skills are contained within the examinations above
A2 Assessment H556
Modelling Physics 37% of total A level
Exploring Physics 37% of total A level
Unified Physics 26% of total A level
Practical Endorsement – not examined assessment

What could I go on to do after the course?

Physics applications, like the career opportunities, are extremely varied. Employers today actively seek out people who can prove their ability to think logically, understand complex ideas and apply them to the real world. If you want a career in science, the media, education, business or a host of other fields, physics can help give you the edge. Some physicists tackle the application of physical ideas to industrial and engineering problems. Physics graduates also find employment in medicine, computing and finance.