GCSE Health and Social Care

GCSE Health and Social Care course details

This course is more work related than other GCSE’s and will involve practical activities and a long research assignment/coursework [now known as controlled assessment].

Students must arrange appropriate Health and Social Care related work experience placements in Year 10; though visits before this time to find out information about jobs are useful.
The content of the course will be based on 2 units as below:
– Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision [coursework]
**To do this controlled assessment students must be able to work independently and organise themselves to make visits to an establishment that is HSC related.**
– Understanding Personal Development and Relationships (exam)
### How you will be assessed

60% Controlled Assessment [Coursework]
40% Examination [Each exam being 1 hour]

Single Award grading will allow a single GCSE grade A, B, etc.
The coursework aspect is demanding and students need to have good organisational and self-motivation skills. A good grasp of English Language would also help. The ability to write at length and work independently is most important. The exam will take place in year 11. The controlled assessment will be started in Year 10 and completed in Year 11.
### How will it help me at Post 16?

Anyone interested in a career in Child Care, Social Work, Teaching, Elderly Care, Nursing, Midwifery, various therapeutic careers and teaching should think about this course. You can progress to AS/A2 Level in Health and Social Care at Guthlaxton College with a grade B in the Single Award. GCSE.
Combining Psychology, Sociology and Biology at AS level later would be useful as there will be some overlap between subjects. Universities are offering Health and Social care and related courses.