GCSE Music


Our GCSE course is about performing, composing and listening to music and include the study of a wide variety of styles from popular and classical music to world music and jazz. GCSE music also provides the opportunity to use music technology and our professional recording studio.

GCSE Music

  • Listening 20%
  • Performing two pieces 40%
  • Composing two pieces 40%

During the course you will learn to compose through tasks linked to three Strands of Learning: Western Classical, Popular Music of 20th & 21 centuries and World Music. You will also perform a solo on your instrument (or sing) and play or sing in a group or an ensemble. You will need a competent level of ability (approx Grade 3 standard) as a player or singer to enjoy and succeed on this course.

Extra-Curricular Music

All musicians at Wigston College are encouraged to participate in the wide-range of extra-curricular activities which are on offer. The college bands, ensembles and choirs are celebrated for their high standards and we also help and support students who want to create their own ensembles/bands. A varied range of concerts take place every year and there is an annual music tour in July.

The Music Scholarship Scheme is intended to nurture and support talented musicians who show musical promise and potential. Subsidised tuition is available on all instruments and in singing. Students need to pass a friendly audition to qualify and early application to participate in this scheme is recommended.