GCSE Film Studies


Film is widely acknowledged as the major art form of the 20th Century and today film continues to be an important part of most people’s cultural experience.

GCSE Film Studies aims to place your experiences and creative ideas at the centre of the course. You will explore a wide range of films and learn through your own creative work. The course is underpinned by the relationship between films, their audiences and the organisations which produce, distribute and exhibit them.


There is an equal balance between written examination and coursework. In the written exam (50%), this first exam paper assesses your understanding of film language and audience issues in a particular genre such as disaster movies. The second paper looks at films from outside Hollywood, analysing characters, narratives, themes and issues in the film chosen. There is also a creative question involving individual responses to the film (e.g., reviews, blogs, website entries).

The coursework (50%) is all about exploring and creating. You will complete four main pieces of work: an exploration of a film extract, a film pitch leading to a pre-production, a production and an evaluative analysis. The key point in this is that you get to create your own marketing production!

Please note that this course has a demanding written element and is therefore recommended to students with a Teacher Assessment of Level 5a or above in English.


Anyone with a genuine interest in the power and workings of the film industry will find this a stimulating course. Following this GCSE students may choose to pursue their interest by sitting the subject at AS or A2 level. Film Studies is particularly attractive to those considering a career in radio, television, theatre and the arts.