GCSE Spanish


If you have enjoyed learning French at Key Stage 3, you may wish to consider a GCSE in Spanish, alongside or instead of GCSE French. It will give you the opportunity to develop skills in listening, reading speaking and writing.

Whichever language you decide to study at GCSE, the aims, the content and the way you will be assessed are the same as described in the leaflet for French.

Our approach is also the same: it is a practical, lively course with a strong emphasis on communication skills.

No previous knowledge is necessary, as the language is taught from scratch.

A word of caution: It is a very intensive course, as you have just 5 school terms to reach GCSE standards (compared to 5 years for French) and it is consequently better suited to more able linguists.

The content that will be studied will cover the following broad contexts:

Personal and social life: Self, family, friends, home life, free time
The world of work: Work experience, part-time jobs, future careers, technology
The wider world: Travel and holidays, media, social issues (e.g, life of young people today, homelessness, crime, drugs, healthy living, religion, politics), life in the countries and communities where the language is spoken.


Unit 1:

Listening 20%
Examination – Comprehension test
Unit 2:

Speaking 30%
Controlled Assessment – Structured conversation
Presentation & discussion

Unit 3:

Reading 20%
Examination – Comprehension test

Unit 4:

Writing 30%
Controlled Assessment – Two written test