GCSE French


The GCSE French course will build on the language skills and knowledge at key stage 3, and introduce you to a wider range of language structures and vocabulary. It will give you the opportunity to develop skills in listening, reading speaking and writing.

The course aims to:

  • Be an enjoyable learning experience
  • Provide you with communication skills which will allow you to function in everyday situations
  • Give you language-learning skills which will allow you to apply this knowledge to different contexts and different languages.
  • The content that will be studied will cover the following broad contexts:
  • Personal and social life: Self, family, friends, home life, free time
  • The world of work: Work experience, part-time jobs, future careers, technology
  • The wider world: Travel and holidays, media, social issues (e.g, life of young people today, homelessness, crime, drugs, healthy living, religion, politics), life in the countries and communities where the language is spoken.
  • Unit 1:
    Listening 20%
    Examination – Comprehension test
    Unit 2:
    Speaking 30%
    Controlled Assessment –
    Structured conversation
    Presentation & discussion

Unit 3:
Reading 20%
Examination – Comprehension test
Unit 4:
Writing 30%
Controlled Assessment – Two written tasks