The Inclusion Faculty has a far reaching supportive role within the College. It includes the Special Educational Needs department, Foundation Learning and Able and More Able provision.

Special Educational Needs are provided along the DFE Code of Practice guidelines. Some students are supported within smaller classes in Maths and English. Other students receive support across the curriculum within the subject areas.

Foundation Learning allows some students to follow a more practical learning route, through the Certificate Of Personal Effectiveness course accredited by ASDAN. In addition to this is the BTEC** Foundation Learning Diploma and the Aim Award Step Up Diploma.

Students may also study for the WJEC Additional Pathway in English which supports the WJEC GCSE course and provides extra support and guidance to students who find GCSE English a challenge. We also support students with English as an additional language with our fully qualified TEFL staff.

In years 10 and 11 identified Able and More Able students are monitored and supported through their subject areas. Some students are part of an educational coaching programme in year 11. From time to time, visits and workshops, in a variety of subject areas, are offered by our local Universities. Year 12/13 students are invited to attend summer school and day visits to our twinned college, Pembroke at Cambridge University.