GCSE Product Design

Course details

Learn to think like a designer by taking part in this exciting course aimed at both girls and boys. The Product Design GCSE is split into focused units that will help you develop your designing, making and thinking skills. If you are interested in graphics, resistant materials or electronics than you will enjoy the projects. There will be an opportunity to work with a variety of materials and equipment including computer controlled machinery. If you want to see your designs become reality, then this is the course for you. You will work in a multimedia environment with dedicated expert staff helping you to become skilled and innovative with tools, techniques and ideas.

How you will be assessed

Written paper

2 hours, 120 marks, 40% of the total marks, one paper with two sections:

Section A

A design question based on context supplied before the exam – 30 marks

Section B

Covers all aspects of the specification content – 90 marks.

All questions are compulsory.

Controlled Assessment

* 90 marks,
* 60% of the total marks

A single design-and-make activity selected from a choice of set tasks, consisting of the development of a made outcome and a concise design folder and/or appropriate ICT evidence. These tasks are reviewed every two years. The design folder should consist of approximately 20 pages of A3 paper or the ICT equivalent

It is expected that students should spend approximately 45 hours on this activity. As part of the evidence submitted, students should include photographs of the finished products as well as photographs at various states of the process.

How will it help me at Post-16?

Success in GCSE Product Design leads to A Level available at Wigston College. Success may also help you to gain an apprenticeship in a range of trades.