GCSE Food Technology

Course details

This is a two year course offered to students who have the motivation and genuine interest in the subject.

An essential requirement of the subject is to be able to supply ingredients to enable full participation in practical work as this element accounts for 40% of the coursework marks.

The main focus is on the use of food as a material and students are encouraged to demonstrate fully their design and technology capability through combining skills with knowledge and understanding in the following ways:

* Analysing and evaluating existing products and processes.
* Engaging in focused tasks to develop and demonstrate techniques as well as creativity.
* Design, develop and make a range of products to meet a specific need.
* Investigate how to achieve a balanced, varied diet to meet health, dietary, socio economic, cultural and religious needs of different groups within our society

How you will be assessed

There are two main components to the GCSE examination which are:

* **Unit 1:** A Written Paper- 40% of the total marks.
* **Unit 2:** Controlled Assessment- 60% of the total marks.

How will it help me at Post-16?

If you achieve A*-C at GCSE you will be able to go on and study A level Food Technology.

The food industry is expanding greatly; therefore having a qualification in this subject will give students plenty of opportunity to seek employment in this field.