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AS/A2 Media Studies

Course details

Most of the information you receive in society is communicated via the media.  Media Studies teaches the skills needed to deconstruct texts in order to  recognise the true nature of the messages and values being broadcast to you. 

Studying this subject will teach you how social, economic and political factors shape and structure the media and how the media, in return, shapes and structures power relationships in society.  In  addition, every company worth its salt now requires the kind of communication and marketing skills taught in this subject. 

Last, but not least, Media Studies is a hugely enjoyable subject that you will find revealing and relevant to your life.

AS level

You will be introduced to the topic where you will learn to analyse and deconstruct a wide range of media texts using media language such as narrative codes, genre and sign systems.  You will explore advertising images, the internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, film and TV extracts. 

You will cover issues and debates the media raises. You will study how gender, race, nationality,  disability and age are portrayed in the media and the structure of power relations this reflects and perpetuates in society. 

You will also study how an audience receives and interacts with the media.

A2 level

The A2 level develops on the studies covered at AS level and builds on the knowledge and skills gained at AS.  You will study three media industries in depth, looking at the political, economic and social factors that help to shape media  products, for example the   impact of new media technologies.  The focus will be on British media but there will be opportunities to look at the media industries of other countries, too.


50% External examination

50% Coursework