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AS/A2 Dance

Course Details

At AS Level the focus of the course is on the development and performance of own choreography and performing within a duo/trio.  Students will have weekly practical lessons in contemporary technique and choreography; they will also have theory lessons to develop critical skills for the analysis of choreography and performance within their own work and in professional context.

At A2 students will have the opportunity to continue  developing skills from AS.  The focus of choreography shifts to group dances and in performance students work both as a soloist and in a quartet.

Students will develop knowledge and understanding of a two set works and their cultural and artistic context.

Please note that this course is new and the specification is currently only in draft so the details within this document are subject to change.

AS level

Component 1:
Performance and choreography
(50% of AS)

Students will create a piece of solo choreography lasting 2-3 minutes using an externally set stimulus. They will be graded on both their choreographic ability and performance skills and will also be assessed on an ongoing log book about their process. Students will also take part in a duo or trio with other members of the group in which their technical and expressive skills in dance will be assessed.

Component 2:
Critical engagement (50% of AS)

In this written exam students will be tested on their ability to analyse, interpret and reflect upon their own practice and also on their knowledge and understanding of two particular areas of study from professional dance as set by the exam board.

A- level

Component 1:  Performance and Choreography (50% of A2)

Students will learn and perform a solo dance based on a professional dance work set by AQA, they will also perform in a quartet with their peers and will create a piece of group choreography using stimulus set by AQA.

Component 2:  Critical engagement (50% of A2)

In this written exam students will be tested on their knowledge and understanding of 2 professional dance works set by AQA. Students will be expected to fully analyse the professional works looking at physical setting, aural setting, movement components, physical attributes of the dancers and how they relate to other works by the choreographer.