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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Faculty enjoys an enviable reputation for Music, Drama, Dance and Media. The annual productions, concerts, dance shows, plays, film nights and tours provide a wealth of opportunity and experience for our students while also enriching their academic and social development. The standard they achieve is recognised across the region and has ensured the re-designation of our Arts Mark Gold Award for continued success in the arts, both in college and in the wider community.

Our range of courses allows students to nurture and develop their talents under the guidance of a dedicated team of full-time specialists in each of the subject areas. Our weekly schedule of GCSE/GCE/BTEC and Rock School courses is enriched by an extra-curricular programme of activities including film clubs, dance workshops, drama clubs, bands, choirs and orchestras, instrumentalists and singers who benefit from a generous scholarship scheme and the strong collaborative link we maintain with Leicestershire Arts Music Service.

The Performing Arts Faculty aims to create an exciting, vibrant and fulfilling environment that inspires students to produce high quality work in performance, on film, on stage, or in the studio, as soloists or actors or in an ensemble, a chorus or dance troupe.

We warmly invite you to attend one of our many performances each term, or visit our music, dance or drama studios during the week to experience the energy and focus of our work.

Rockschool Practitioners Award 2017

BTEC Performing Arts 2017

A Level Theatre Studies 2017

A Level Music Technology 2017

A Level Dance 2017

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