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PE Cambridge Nationals

Completing a course in Physical Education (PE) is a core subject which all students have to do. To ensure that you get the most out of PE, we have three options. Students need to select a first choice and a reserve out of these options.

On arriving at Wigston College, every student will follow a two-week programme to determine the suitability for their chosen course. During this programme the teacher and student will ensure the course ultimately followed is the course that best suits the student’s learning and assessment style. This will then be the course that is followed throughout the two years here.

Course Details

The Cambridge National is a vocationally related qualification, designed to suit a broad range of learning styles and abilities.

Students will study for a Certificate, which is the equivalent of a GCSE.

The course will:

Allow the development of a wide range of skills, techniques and attributes that are highly desirable for success in future life.

Encourage personal development through practical lessons in a range of different activities.

Develop the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations

Offer students the opportunity to study key areas of sports science including anatomy and physiology, injury, training principles and nutrition.

Increase the awareness of different opportunities and ways to stay involved with sport.


The Cambridge National Level 1/ Level 2 Certificate in sport is assessed by both internal and external assessment.

It consists of one externally assessed unit, assessed via an examination. This helps the development of essential skills needed for success in many subjects both at GCSE level and beyond.

The remainder of the units are assessed internally via a wide range of both written and practical means. Assessments will take place at regular intervals throughout the course, with learners receiving feedback to allow effective development. The many and varied assignments all contribute to provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria.