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Cambridge Technicals Level 3, Technical Introductory Diploma in Sport

Course details

If you love sport and would like to make a career of it – maybe as a sporting professional, teaching, coaching or working in the sports industry – then the Cambridge Technicals Level 3, Technical Introductory Diploma in Sport will set you on the right track. 

You will:

Develop the ability to work autonomously and effectively.

Build your skills, knowledge and understanding of sport needed to both continue studying and to start work.

Gain experience in leading various different sports activities both individually and as a team.

Obtain a qualification that is relevant to the workplace.

The course requires the completion of 4 units in Year 1 and 3 units in Year 2, and involves the completion of both theory and practical work.

It is assessed regularly by the completion of assignments and assessments. Although the course has both practical and theory elements the majority of the assessment is in the form of individual written work.

Units Covered:

Unit 1 : Principles of Anatomy and   Physiology 

  • Explore the structure and function of the skeleton
  • The fundamentals of the energy systems
  • Develop and understanding of how the human body works in sport

Unit 2 : The Physiology of Fitness

  • How the body adapts to exercise
  • Develop knowledge of the long-term effects of exercise

Unit 3 : Sports Coaching

  • Develop coaching session plans
  • Planning and delivering coaching sessions

Unit 4 : Current issues in sport

  • How the media affects sport participation
  • Coverage
  • Technology in sport

 Unit 8 & 9 : Practical or Individual Sport

  • Know the skills, tactics and techniques for both team and individual sports
  • Be able to assess your own performance in selected sports

Unit 13 : Leadership in Sport

  • Leading a session
  • Officiating activities
  • Working as part of a team to plan and run different events

Unit 17 : Fitness Training

  • Planning and completing a 6-week training programme
  • Exploring different training methods

Over the course you will have to gain experience leading/assisting various groups of students/children both inside and/or outside of school. This helps the development of important leadership skills and requires a certain level of commitment.


The course is 100% coursework and involves several assignments for each of the units. These are both assessed  by your moderator from BTEC.

Successful candidates should possess the following characteristics:

  • Organised
  • Committed
  • Enthusiastic about sport
  • Self motivated

The course is graded either Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*.

This course can be studied as either a single, double or triple award, which is the equivalent of one, two or three A Levels.  The units highlighted are covered as part of the single award (the Technical Introductory Diploma). If students opt for the double or triple award (Technical Diploma or Extended Diploma) units could include areas as diverse as Sports Nutrition, Psychology and Organising Sporting Events.