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70% Theory which includes the following
areas of study;

  1. Anatomy & Physiology
  • The skeletal and muscular systems
  • Joints and Movement
  • The cardiovascular and respiratory
    systems in relation to the performance
    of the physical activity
  • Energy systems
  1. Diet, Nutrition and Performance
  • Components of diet
  • Ergogenic Aids
  • Drugs in sport
  1. Training methods
  • Types of training





  • Levers and forces
  • Angular and Linear Motion
  • Projectile Motion
  1. Psychological aspects
  • Skill classification and Learning
  • Personality
  • Types of feedback
  1. Sport and Society
  • Evolution of sport
  • Contemporary issues in sport

“Studying AS or A Level Physical Education will give you a fantastic insight into the amazing world of sports performance. Not only will you have the chance to perform or coach a sport through the non-exam assessment component, you will also develop a wide-ranging knowledge into the how and why of physical activity and sport.”

At both AS and A2 performance is graded on ONE sport, from an authorised list.

Assessment can be completed on coaching.

Students need to play at least one sport at club level and be prepared to continue participating in this sport throughout their course.


The wide-ranging course specification ensures the development of a wide range of knowledge and skills.  It allows students to develop both sport specific and many other academic skills that are of significant benefit as they progress into either higher education or employment. It also  gives an insight into the many diverse opportunities that are available within the world of sport.  Many students go on to university to do Sports Science and Physical Education Degrees.

We have good results at both AS and A2 PE level.

Recent  Results

93% A -C at AS in 2014
92% A -C at A2 in 2014