New – Advent Attendance Prize Draw

From next week we will be rewarding students for attendance in the following ways:

Two weeks without a day off =  a credit from your tutor.
100% attendance from the start of the school year = a selection box in the last week of term.

Advent Attendance Prize Draw

100% attendance in the last two weeks of this term (i.e in school everyday for the last 10 days of this term) you will be entered into a prize draw where four people in Year 11 and four in Years 12 and 13 will win a £25 Amazon voucher each.

During assembly in the last week of term we will be announcing the winners for this half term:

  •  ATL of 5 or more  = pizza, drink & cake lunch.
  • Bronze = Cake and drink break/ lunch time, certificate & letter home
  • Silver = pizza lunch, certificate & letter
  • Half Term Hero = 4 winners £20 voucher each


Get reaping these rewards!