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My Work Experience Week by Ruby Dixon

My Work Experience Week by Ruby Dixon

For my work experience I went to the Attenborough Arts Centre to work as a learning assistant. My week started with an introduction to the centre, followed by preparing and developing children’s artwork for an arts award session on the Wednesday. This included creating plaster sculptures with balloons and taking photographs of their work, this also allowed me to learn how to use a DSLR camera.

On Tuesday, I planned and prepared a meeting for the Young Ambassadors- a club I am part of in the centre- I created a workshop for us to do based on the current exhibition in the gallery and also carried out a risk assessment. Later on I travelled to Catherine Infants School to launch the mural they had created with the learning team, based on the current exhibition. There I got to meet the Year 1 students who had made it and show it to their parents. I finished the day with leading the Young Ambassadors meeting that I had planned.

On Wednesday I assisted with the arts award session which is for young home-schooled children. I photographed the children presenting their work before helping them with painting their canvases and sculptures. We also played a rhythm game, helping them learn more about patterns. In the afternoon I scribed the responses from children who have visited the gallery through the START programme, the programme which also helped Catherine Infants.

I started my day with planning a forthcoming exhibition for the gallery on Thursday, it was amazing to contribute to something so significant and amazing! I learnt new software whilst I did some of the marketing for it and I also created interactive activities for children which would be in the exhibition.

Instead of working on Friday, I worked on Sunday through assisting at a sensory felting workshop for children who have SEN. We created various wool pieces together through many different sensory methods. My week working at the Attenborough Arts Centre was amazing, inspiring, and a fantastic learning experience!

Ruby Dixon

Year 12