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AS/A2 Spanish

Course details

This course is designed to encourage students to:

  • derive enjoyment and benefit from language learning;
  • acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and/or employment;
  • communicate with speakers of the language;
  • take their place in a multilingual global society;

AS Level


  1. Leisure and Lifestyles, including travel and tourism, sport, hobbies, entertainment, customs, traditions, healthy living – health and nutrition, diet and exercise; unhealthy living – drugs, aids,smoking, alcohol, etc.
  2. The Individual and Society, including relationships and responsibilities, gender issues, youth culture (values, peer groups, fashions and trends etc.), education, vocational training and future careers.


AS level

UNIT 1 – Oral – 15 minutes (80 marks)

  1. Topic-based conversation
  2. General Conversation

UNIT 2 – Listening, Reading and Writing –    2.5 hours (120 marks)


A2 Level

UNIT 3 – Oral—20 minutes (80 marks)

  1. Structured Discussion
  2. Exposé

UNIT 4 – Listening, Reading and Writing –    3 hours (120 marks)

 What could I go on to do after the course?

  • There will be a range of opportunities open to you, where you can continue to use and further develop your language skills and knowledge of contemporary    society.
  • Some students choose to do degree courses in languages;  others choose to pursue a higher education course in another subject, but choose a language option alongside it.
  • Having a language at AS or Advanced GCE will improve your employability, in particular with companies which have international branches.
  • Whether you are interested in continuing your studies or working at home or abroad, a language course at AS or Advanced GCE is an excellent step towards achieving your goals.

The course will help you to develop your general study skills, but most of all you will learn to communicate at a higher level in the language that you have chosen.
You will also learn much more about a wide range of  aspects of the society or societies in which the language is spoken.


You will be able to read, understand and extract information from written passages in the target language  taken from  authentic sources, such as magazines and newspapers, reports or books.


You will be able to listen to, and  understand contemporary spoken language and answer questions on what you have heard. The passages that you will learn to listen to will be taken from a range of sources such as news  reports on the radio or TV, weather forecasts, announcements, interviews and  discussions.


Speaking and Writing

You will learn how to write essays or longer pieces and to hold conversations and discussions in the target language.

 You will learn all the appropriate grammar, words and phrases that will help you to:

· Present information in the target language

· Organise your arguments

· Provide opinions

· Analyse your ideas