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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Often perceived as a challenging subject area, Modern Foreign Languages are not necessarily everybody’s first choice. However, as a subject, what could be more relevant in an increasingly shrinking world where job markets are open to all and demand for skilled linguists has never been greater?

We offer stimulating language programmes in a lively and supportive environment. We cover all aspects of language study, giving you the student a thorough grounding in speaking, listening, reading and writing in your chosen language. At A level, there are opportunities for exploring a wide range of topics on society, literature, film and culture. We aim not just to teach language skills in French, German or Spanish but also communication in the broadest and best sense of the word.

You will find us to be a team of skilled teachers, dedicated to supporting you in your progress. We are approachable, enthusiastic and extremely committed; our lessons are imaginative and engaging and we aim to give you the best experience possible in studying a foreign language. We are proud of the contribution that we make to the overall success of the college.

A Level Spanish

A Level French