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AS/A2 Mathematics with Statistics

Course details

Students who are considering taking this course need to be heading for a good grade B, or above, in their GCSE Mathematics. They also need to be competent in the use of algebra, since this is the basic tool required for much of the course. Students will be taught by two teachers for a total of nine hours a fortnight.


In Year 12 students will complete an AS level in Mathematics. This consists of one Pure Mathematics module, worth 67% of the final mark, and one Statistics module, worth 33% of the final mark.

Both modules will be taken at the end of Year 12, the Pure Mathematics module being the same as the one taken by the Mathematics with Mechanics students.

In Year 13, students take another Pure Mathematics module and another Statistics module, also worth 67% and 33% respectively, to complete their A2 level.

There is no coursework element to any Mathematics A level.

What could I go on to do after the course?

Many university courses, and many professions, consider A level Mathematics a desirable entry qualification. In particular you might want to take this A level if you are interested in:

* Financial services (Banking, Accountancy etc.)
* Medicine
* Science
* The Social Sciences.