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CiDA 2015


Course details

Wigston  College has enjoyed  tremendous success in ICT and Computing over recent years. There is a wide range of engaging courses available at all levels.

For our year 10 and year 11 students we currently offer the CiDA (Certificate in Digital Applications). Whether you wish to specialise in ICT or not, this is an excellent course that will establish a wide range of ICT skills and knowledge as well as giving you a good  understanding of a wide variety of software. The  focus is on problem solving in an ICT context.

The course is enjoyable, challenging and very rewarding to those who work hard. Moreover, it equips you with the required skills in this increasingly important area.
The course is very much ‘hands on’ but by no means a soft option. It consists of modules and covers all the skills required in today’s business world.

There may be an opportunity to study an additional computing qualification for successful students although plans for this have not been fully finalised.

How you will be assessed?

Studying this new course will be a challenge and will require you to work hard. You will be in a class of approximately 22 students and you will have a PC to yourself throughout the course. You will enjoy our extensive network facilities, up-to-date software and the latest hardware.

Unit 1 will be assessed by means of a computer-based assessment lasting 2½ hours. During this assessment, you will be required to produce a website for a given client.

For Unit 2 there is no exam,  instead you will first learn a series of skills. You will then be given a task set by the exam board and you will spend around 30 hours producing a project that solves the task.  The next step will be to produce an e-Portfolio (a website) to showcase your work.
The e-portfolio is firstly marked by your teacher and then by a  moderator from the exam board (EDEXCEL).

You will not be required to hand anything in on paper!

There are two different  modules which you will study to start with.

These are:

 Unit 1 – Developing Web Products

During this unit you will learn to create a professional website. You will gain skills in selecting and preparing appropriate digital products to create an effective website. This unit is assessed on-line (2½ hour assessment)

Unit 2 – Artwork and Imaging

This unit aims to give you the skills to use the tools and techniques provided by ‘Photo Editing’ and ‘Vector Graphics’ software in order  to design and create professional graphic products for specified  purposes and audiences.

The grades that you can obtain are normal GCSE grades i.e. A*, A, B or C. 

Additional optional units:

Creative Multimedia
Game Making