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AS/A2 Psychology

Course details

**Past to Present**
Is behaviour determined by our genes, the environment or is it a bit of both? In this topic, we will explore five approaches that try to answer these questions. These include psychodynamic, biological, behavioural, positive and cognitive. We will also discover therapies that each of these approaches use to treat mental disorders. We will study classic research through to contemporary debates to gain an appreciation that psychology continues to develop and evolve.
Investigating Behaviour
This topic area is designed to introduce learners to the methodologies used by psychologists. To ensure true appreciation, learners are expected to carry out their own investigation/s. The research areas change each year and are set by the exam board. Examples of research investigations include:

– An observation of gender differences in shopping behaviour.
– A correlational research on the relationship between age and reaction times.

Implications in the Real World
In this component, we will study a number of controversial issues that continue to pose challenges for psychology. These include cultural bias, ethical costs of conducting research, non-human animals, scientific status and sexism. Learners will also apply knowledge from previous topics to behaviours such as addiction, criminality and bullying.

**AS Psychology:**

_Paper 1_: Psychology: Past to Present. 1 hour 45 min exam (50% of AS level)

_Paper 2_: Psychology: Investigating Behaviour.

1 hour 45min exam (50% of AS level)

**A-level Psychology: **
Paper 1: Psychology: Past to Present.
2 hour 15 min exam (33.3% of A-level)
Paper 2: Psychology: Investigating Behaviour.
2 hour 15 min exam (33.3% of A-level)
Paper 3: Psychology: Implications in the Real World.
2 hour 15 min exam (33.3% of A-level)
What could I go on to do after the course?

There are a wide variety of careers in Psychology. If you do not wish to specialise, this qualification will be useful for you in any job where you are dealing with people. You will also learn about yourself and why you behave as you do.