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Foundation Learning GCSE Citizenship

Course details

Some students will be offered the opportunity to study the GCSE Citizenship short course.  This will form part of the foundation learning package and will run for a year following on from the Public Services module.

Students will study this alongside the COPE course and will be offered to students who are excelling and feel confident enough to sit a GCSE exam.

The course will aim to develop students in the following areas

Becoming an active citizen

  • Teamwork
  • Understanding diversity
  • The civil and criminal law system

Foundation Learning allows students to study the following;

 · GCSE English Language

· GCSE Mathematics

· Double Science

· Core Studies

· A PE Option

· An ‘Arts’ option choice

· Two option choices 


Additional Information

To be considered for the scheme students must have a reasonable attendance and  behavior record at high school and be willing and able to maintain this throughout their time at Wigston College. This is important because if they are out of college they will be seen as, not only ambassadors of  Wigston College, but also representing their parents and most importantly themselves.

Students will be recommended for the Foundation Skills by their high school. Staff at Wigston College will interview potential students during the spring term.

If you would like any more information regarding the courses then contact Mrs. M Davies at the college.