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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is an excellent opportunity for able students to pick up an extra qualification at Level 3 that will assist them in their future applications to university. Critical Thinking is studied during Year 12 and allows students to develop essential skills which are needed in a wide range of areas. Students are taught to consider situations and ideas in a different way and to critically analyse the nature of different texts and evidence.

Course details

Studying this course will require a great deal of commitment. It is seen as an academic enrichment activity delivered by 2 lessons a fortnight throughout Year 12 and 1 in Year 13. Students work in pairs or small groups to develop skills. There are some key terms to learn but the main focus of learning is on securing the skills required.

What could I go on to do after the course?

Whilst following the AS level Critical Thinking course students will begin an Extended Research Project, as part of the AQA Baccalaureate which is worth 1 A level.

Critical Thinking skills are highly sought after from admissions tutors and employers because they are transferable to any other course of study and allow students to be tuned into the demands of higher level study.

Having studied Critical Thinking, students often move on into careers such as Medicine, Law, Veterinary, Accounting, and Marketing

How you will be assessed?

  • There are two modules which are both externally assessed by an end of year examination.
  • Unit 1- An Introduction to Critical Thinking skills requires students to look closely at text, identify key elements of an argument and answer questions relating to its plausibility. It is worth 50% of the final AS level.
  • Unit 2- Assessing and Developing an Argument asks students to further develop the work from Unit 1 as well as writing their own arguments. It is also worth 50% of the final AS level.
  • There is no coursework element to this course.