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English Literature


English Literature at Wigston College

What is the course all about?

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Miss Bent

Over the A Level course, you will explore:

– Different types of writing

– Times

– Unseen materials

– Looking at writing from different types of perspectives, for example, feminists, political, etc.

– Different authors

Paper 1: Love through the ages
Study of three texts: one Shakespeare play, a novel and the pre-1900 AQA Anthology of love poetry through the ages.

– 3 hour exam
– 3 questions
– 25 marks each

– Section A: Shakespeare. One passage-based question with linked essay (25 marks)
– Section B: Unseen Poetry. Two poems to be compared (25 marks)
– Section C: Novel and Poetry. Statement style question focusing on the anthology and novel studied.

Paper 2: Texts in Shared Contexts – The Struggle for Modern Identity

Study of one prose, one poetry and one drama text. 
— 2.5 hour exam
– 3 questions
– 25 marks each

Section A: Poetry set text. Choice from 2 statement based questions (25 marks)
Section B: Unseen Prose extract. Link to theme of modern identity (25 marks)
Section C: Prose and Drama. Statemet based question comparing texts (25 marks)