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A Level Drama and Theatre at Wigston College

What is the course all about?

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Mr Ashton

Acting can be seen as something easy, it is NOT! You have to be able to believe in yourself and trust your fellow cast.
You have to be able to throw away fears of looking silly, try all things and experiment and this way you will learn your capabilities and know where you need to push yourself.
We act every day, how many times have you said when asked if you are ok, yeah I’m good, when in fact you’re not.

Independent working – The ability to take charge of one’s learning
Collaborative working – the action of working with someone to produce something.
Divergent thinking – a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions

The expectations:
– Attend all lessons
– You working together as a group is key.
– You will all have strengths and weaknesses, you need to therefore support each other.
– You will need to read in front of each other, again support is crucial.
– Make sure that you complete all tasks set both in and out of lessons.
– Turn up to rehearsals even when they are scheduled outside of lesson time.
– When I or your peers are talking you’re not, when you’re talking I’m not and nor are your peers, key to working well together and making progress is respect.
– Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you listen and then you can give your own.

Download the A level drama & theatre powerpoint here: