Dance students visit Birkett House

Birkett House Visit

On Thursday 10th December, 14 members of Wigston College performed at Birkett House with multiple dances that were included in the 2015, Dance Showcase. It was so enjoyable to have such an enthusiastic audience who were willing to participate alongside us. Meeting and dancing with the children was such a heart-warming experience and being able to put a smile on their faces was really uplifting.

After the show we got shown around the school, in that time we got to see the children in their learning environment – it was fascinating to have a glimpse into their school days. It really is amazing how dedicated the staff are and how much commitment they give to the school; it really shows how much it helps to stimulate the children’s life.

It was such an honour to be involved in such lovely opportunity. The children were wonderful and I honestly couldn’t stop smiling after I left. It was so inspiring and I would love to do it again soon.

Charlotte King