“The pre-school introduced a bear with a variety of costumes for children as a link between home and pre-school.
As a parent I think this is a great idea Daniel had so much fun taking responsibility of the class bear. He also enjoyed writing his bear diary. It was great for his imagination.”


“Dear Teachers
We are so happy that Adam is enjoying pre-school, although it took him a lot of time to get used to it.
It’s not easy to send your first child to school, especially in a different country.
That is why we would like to thank you all for your help in taking Adams first steps in learning the English language.
Thank you so much for all your patience and for helping Adam become smarter and more independent.
Thank you for all your hard work we truly appreciate it.
Adam is going to miss you all.

Beata, Mariusz Strzelczyk

“Kacey really enjoys school; she chats about all her adventures. I have really enjoyed the stay and play today.”

“Today was an excellent opportunity to have a creative and fun time with Hadi at the setting. He really loves showing off in front of his friends what he can do. He has made brilliant progress with his independence and his confidence has improved immensely. Thank You.”

“I am very happy with how Willows coming on at play-school, always talking about her new friends and how she likes all her teachers. Willows very happy here.”
Hayley Williams

“Harvey enjoys Tiger-tots and has gained in confidence while here. I have enjoyed spending the morning playing with Harvey.”
Chloe Clarridge

These are some comments from children who attend Tiger-tots Pre-school

“I like playing babies and shopping, at lunch club I like sitting next to my friend..”

“I like to play outside and make paper aeroplanes and ride your bike and play with my friends.”

“I like playing tea parties in the garden.”

“I like coming cause it’s my favourite and I like playing with the toys inside and outside and riding the quad bike.”

“I like squirting the plants the one’s I planted.”

“I like playing bat and ball outside in the garden. I like eating apples, I now like eating bananas. I like playing with friends, I will miss this one Tiger-tots.”