Tiger-Tots pre-school operates between two rooms that have free flow access. The rooms provide children with a wide range of resources to allow children to reflect their own personal interests. Children have constant access to role play areas, a rest/book corner, computer with age appropriate software, mark making resources, sand/water play, small world play, construction, tactile/messy play and den areas.

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We promote children’s independence through supporting children at each stage of their development. Our toilet facilities have been designed to encourage children to feel safe and confident through this process. Our refurbished child sized facilities will enable your child to develop the skills to independently meet their own personal needs.



Our outdoor facilities provide an exiting range of resources and equipment where children can safely challenge themselves and develop their physical skills. Children have daily access to the outdoor area which has fixed sun shade and rain shelters.

The facilities have been upgraded to include an all weather play surface and age appropriate facilities, this has made it particularly popular with the children.

The large garden area provides our little explorers with opportunities discover the natural world, learning how plants grow, the changing seasons and observing living insects.

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