British Values

British values

At Wigston College we actively promote the core values of British society. We provide a range of opportunities to explore these values within our study programmes, enrichment activities and college events to prepare our students for life and work in modern Britain. Students are prepared for life in modern Britain through being given an awareness of online safety, healthy relationships, financial matters, progression routes, academic integrity, the British political process, democracy and the threat of radicalisation. We regularly celebrate and fundraise for charity events including Cancer Research Pink Day, Jeans for GENEs Day, Children in Need, Comic Relief and local charity days where students vote to support a cause close to their heart.

Subjects have specific areas covered within their curriculum, for example; an understanding of the terms equal opportunities, discrimination, stereotyping, inclusiveness and prejudice are explored in Physical Education.


Our learners can develop an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through their elected representatives or their own lawful actions through:

  • Student representatives for individual courses
  • The Student Government
  • Student surveys
  • ‘Have Your Say’ opinions box and question time with the Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher
  • Head Boy and Head Girl elections – including nominations, hustings and voting
  • General Elections time – Local MPs invited to speak to students – all parties offered the opportunity to speak to the students
  • Why Vote? Presentations to students and discussion in briefing sessions
  • Ambassadors for Year 11 in each subject

The Rule of Law

Our learners can develop an understanding of the equal treatment of everyone using the same framework of rules and regulations through:

  • Induction
  • Code of conduct for students
  • College and workplace regulations, policies and procedures
  • Pathways to Law opportunities

Individual Liberty

Our learners can develop respect for our freedoms as individuals and the responsibilities they imply, and an understanding of the circumstances where freedoms may be restricted for the good of all through:

  • Choice of enrichment activities – to meet the individuals future pathway choices
  • National Careers week
  • Money skills
  • Careers advice and guidance to support individual choices and progression
  • Safeguarding, and all other college policies and procedures
  • University talks – range of providers including Russel Groups
  • HE Fayre trip
  • LEBC Business Partners – employability and interview skills
  • Activities to develop wider knowledge e.g. Careers Forum, Skills Show and Apprenticeship Show

Respect and tolerance for all backgrounds and cultures, ages, genders, sexualities, religions and beliefs

Our learners can develop an understanding and experience of mutual respect through:

  • Tutorials on anti-bullying, cyberbullying and respect
  • Driving safety
  • Realising Opportunities – access to University opportunities
  • Peer mentoring training and support
  • Mental health awareness activities
  • LGBT links with the community
  • Student led Christian group
  • Celebration of diverse faiths and cultures
  • Work experience
  • Teaching assistant opportunities through enrichment
  • Volunteering in the local community; residential homes, charity shops, primary schools, Wigston Academy
  • Leicestershire Cares Interviews