Ethos Statement

The Ethos and Culture of our school communities embrace our values of:

Learning for All

All members of our school community are learners who can continue to grow and develop. We value and give the highest priority to providing a culture of learning that is challenging, supportive and enjoyable, that gives the opportunity for successful outcomes for all.

We value and are committed to a high quality education, enriched through both the formal curriculum and extensive extra-curricular opportunities. We expect and will provide support and opportunity to enable all our learners to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that will equip them for a successful future.

Everyone belongs

We value and embrace the diverse characteristics, backgrounds and cultures of all within our inclusive school communities, celebrating the success and unique contribution everyone can make.

We encourage individual and collective responsibility and firmly believe that working in partnership with parents and our local community promotes an inclusive environment, where everyone feels they belong.

Aspire – achieve

We value and encourage all learners to have high expectations of themselves in all they do. To aim high, set and achieve aspirational goals to reach their personal best.

We will inspire and support all within our community to be the best they can be and through the value of hard work to progress and achieve the success they deserve.

Respect for all

We value and take pride in a culture based on mutual respect for and consideration of one another and the environment of our school communities.

Within a clear Code of Conduct we value and encourage self-respect, discipline, honesty, trust, good manners and relationships that ensure a secure, calm and creative environment in which all can thrive.

No barrier to success

We value and celebrate success believing all can achieve this, expecting all to do so.

Under-achievement is not an option as we will unlock the potential of each unique learner by providing the right balance of challenge, guidance, support and range of interventions so all can have the opportunity to succeed.